How to Walk Your Bearded Dragon


Today we are going to share with you how to walk your bearded dragon. Before you walk your bearded dragon make sure you are in an area where there are no dogs or other animals that could hurt your beardie.

Another thing I don’t suggest is walking your bearded dragon in a forest or a woody area because there he/she can find poisonous insects or plants that they could eat and get sick.

I suggest a very widespread land specifically like a park where there’s no dogs or any other animals that they can get hurt from. You can also walk your bearded dragon outside your house but make sure it doesn’t eat any poisonous insects.

Before you walk your dragon, you will need two things; a harness and a leash. You want to get these because if your bearded dragon runs away, you can catch him/her.

Putting on the Harness and the Leash

You need to find a harness that is less noticeable as possible because bearded dragons don’t like things on them. You can buy small pet harnesses at any pet store. I recommend a small size if your beard dragon is not full-grown yet. If you have a full-grown dragon, a medium size harness will be a perfect fit for him/her.

For a leash, you can use something that is not too big or heavy. We recommend using a kin or a puppy leash.

Your bearded dragon might not like the harness when you put it on him for the first time. They may try to run away because they don’t like having things on them.

Bearded Dragon Stands there….

When you take him outside, he might stand there because he’s not used to the harness. That’s completely normal, and you have to be very patient when you’re with your bearded dragon outside. Bearded dragons don’t really walk as you think they would walk. They are not like dogs. You can’t just stroll along the sidewalk and expect them to walk right next to you.

If this is your first time taking your bearded dragon out, he/she will be stressed for a little bit. They will have to get used to the area first. If he/she sees something, he doesn’t like his beard gets really big. If your bearded dragon is like that and it starts becoming stressed out, I highly suggest placing your hand in front of their face not too far away and not too close so that it can comfort them and not have them look at the thing that they’re getting stressed over. You can also just pull them close to you, put him on your shoulder to calm him down.


Before you take your bearded dragon out, you want to make sure that the weather is not too cold or hot outside, so you want to be in the 80s or 90s.

How to Check Temperature of the Pavement?

In order to check the temperature of the pavement, place the palm of your hand on the pavement if it’s too hot to hold the palm of your hand there then it’s too hot for your bearded dragon. You don’t want their claws to burn because they can’t even feel how hot things are they mainly focus on what’s coming on top of them not what’s under them.


This is optional, but you can bring treats outside to give your bearded dragon just to calm them down. Anything that is calming for them you might want to bring that outside especially if it’s their first time.

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